Innovation Through Limits

18 Jan

Until recently, Makers Mark has had exactly one product on the shelves since its introduction in 1959.  Their response when asked why only one product?  ”This is the best bourbon.”  But even consumers who agreed demanded variety…something different every once in a while.

The Master Distiller agreed, and persuaded the president, Bill Samuels, Jr,. to at least let him TRY to create a new premium product.

Samuels response:

“OK, but there are two rules:  1. You can’t change the recipe.   2.  You can’t do anything that anyone else has done before.”

With those two options off the table, the only alternative was to invent something completely new, or do nothing at all.  Long story short….the distiller got to thinking, invented an entirely new process at the end of the aging cycle, and now they have a new product, Makers Mark 46.

The buzz in the bourbon world was huge.  The product is a hit.

Read more at Andy Swan


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